Established to help Franchisees and potential Franchisees through the process of starting, running and exiting a business, the FBC is a team of advisers that have franchise experience in many areas from legal advice, accounting advice, franchise sales to financing etc. We feel there is a need for these advisers to work in concert to get you the best outcome rather than just seeing several random advisers that do not necessarily have franchise experience and are not discussing your affairs between themselves.


We offer a free initial consultation to ascertain whether we can assist you and also what areas you will require assistance in.


Everything Financial

Business Plans, Cash Flow Forecasts, Business Advice, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Due Diligence, Business Activity Statements, Financial Statements, Taxation, Accounting, Business Structures (Company/Trust/Partnerships setup) Software selection, setup and training.

Franchise and Lease Documentation review

No matter what Franchise your interested in, a lot of documentation will accompany it. Not everyone that says they can review franchise documentation has enough experience to guide you on your journey to becoming a Franchisee. We have experts that know franchises and that have guided many people like yourself on all aspects of franchising including the documentation.

Some of the documents you may encounter are disclosure documents, Franchise Agreements, lease agreements, guarantees, license agreements and finance agreements.


Assistance with Funding requirements

There are many ways to fund a franchise and any plant and equipment required. Should you use a Bank loan, your own cash, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage or lease?
The option you choose can make a big difference to your cashflow and even your tax position.

Franchise selection

Found a Franchise you have a passion for but would like a second opinion or just know you want to own your own business but don’t know where to start?
The beauty of Franchising is gaining the benefit of a system that is tried and tested. You get support, training and other franchisees to speak to.

Speaking to the Franchise Business Centre first will give you an understanding of whether a franchise is right for you and whether the one your looking at is everything you’re hoping for.


Business Purchases and Sales

Buy or Selling a Franchise? We have experience in both and you need to prepare regardless of which you are doing. Get in contact today.

Lease Negotiation Advice

Negotiating and renegotiating leases, lease term (length), fitout contributions, rent abatements, leasing conditions and renegotiations can be the most stressful part of running a franchise. We can guide you through the process.

Education and Training Knowledge is the Key

Yes, it is important to engage experts to advise you in your business although nothing beats learning as much as you can yourself. Personal development is critical for business owners to assist in making informed decisions. Whilst your franchisor is a great source of information you should read any business related books and complete relevant courses so you’re in the best position to take all opinions given and to make informed decisions.

There is a lot of franchise related courses available, many at little or no cost that the Franchise Business Centre can help you sift through.