Tips for keeping your business cyber secure

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Some more simple steps to protect and keep your businesses and client’s data secure.

Is your wireless network  Secure?

Don’t make online transactions when using public or free Wifi.

Only make online transactions (such as online banking) on a secure network. Your information and funds could be at risk if you use an unsecured network.

Be careful about oversharing on social media

Never disclose personal information and be aware of whom you are interacting with online.

If your business has a social media presence you should consider what information is appropriate to share.

Information you share publicly can be used by scammers to impersonate you or your business. Impersonators may send emails to trick your staff into providing sensitive information or releasing funds  incorrectly.

Regularly monitor your accounts for unusual transactions or activity

Check your accounts for transactions or posts you did not make (including bank accounts, portals and social media).

If you receive an email alerting you to unexpected changes on your account you should not click on any hyperlinks or log on to the companies website.

What you should do is check those accounts and contact the business by phone.

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