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Do you know your Quality Score? Why is it so important?

So you produce an advertisement and send it to the internet then sit back and hope the customers come. When they don’t you decide to throw so money at advertising the post on Google but the customers still don’t come. Where is it going wrong? It could be Google doesn’t like what you’re doing, but how do you know?

Google takes your keywords from your website and any paid per click advertisements you run and gives you a rank out of 10 based on their relevance (as perceived by Google) to users . This number is then used to rank your Franchise’s advertisements against others and when you bid on Ad-words the amount you bid is adjusted by your score. This means a competitor with a higher score can pay less to achieve a higher position in the ads on Google than you do.

If you have a low score this will affect any paid advertising you do with Google and will also affect your page position in the results. What should you do? Firstly, you need to check where Google has placed you in their comparisons, then you can look at improving that position by making small changes to your keywords and the content on your site (such as landing page) to improve your score.

There is no easy quick fix as Google is very smart reviewing your posts and website on a regular basis, therefore only a measured consistent approach will improve your quality score. The Franchise Business Centre can help you know and improve your score.

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